Ellen Oak

artistic excellence | intellectual acuity | spiritual imagination | cultural courage

I perform concerts, teach workshops, and lead retreats on a freelance basis. 

Suggestions for subjects follow. 

Please be in touch for details, and to explore other options.

  • Singing the Psalms. Explore a wide variety of musical styles and forms to bring the psalter alive in your community.

  • Hildegard of Bingen

  • Gregorian Chant 

  • Structure, Rhythm, and Improvisation in the Liturgy

  • Music, Embodiment, and Spirituality from Taizé and Iona 

  • Faith in the Body. Trusting creation to be what God promises—the physicality of grace—we explore five primary actions of liturgy: listening; finding home; letting loose; making holy; joining primal joy.

  • Deep Within Deep. Learn the pieces in this collection of my compositions, and ways to use them in your community.